August 7 to August 11, 2019

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The board of directors for the Penticton Peach Festival is made up of local Penticton and area volunteers.
Are you interested in volunteering for our 72nd anniversary Festival? Apply today!

Peach Festival Board of Directors

2018 Volunteer Executive

President: Don Kendall
Secretary/Treasurer: Beth McGifford
Vice President: Paul Borba 

Vice President: Colin Campbell

Phone: 250-487-9709
Mail: Penticton Peach Festival
PO Box 21003
Penticton, BC, V2A 8K8

2018 Volunteer Board Members

Director: Bill Kolter
Director: Bill Morey 

Director: Bruce Millington
Director: Colin Campbell

Director: Dayle Millington 

Director: Jeanette Beaven
Director: Jennie Loeppky
Director: Kristi Patton

Director: Laura Kane

Director: Ryan Wuthe 

Director: Shawna Tinga

Director: Teresa Kendall

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