August 8 to August 12, 2018

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

London Drugs Seniors Day

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All performances are in Okanagan Lake Park, 86 Lakeshore Drive East

12pm - 1pm | Skyhawks Parachute Team (Peters Bros. Paving)

Canada’s only military parachute demonstration team, The SkyHawks builds formations in the sky putting on a spectacular show

1pm - 1:30pm | Get Bent Belly Dancers

Get Bent is the largest belly dance school in Canada. The Get Bent Bellydancers have studied and performed with many excellent dance teachers from Canada, Egypt, India and America.

1:35pm - 2:05pm | Gary Leggott Jazz Ensemble

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2pm | Skyhawks autograph session

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2:05pm - 2:30pm | Black Widow Rope Spinners

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2:30pm - 3pm | Rootz Bound

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3pm - 3:20pm | Boundless Belly Dancers

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3:20pm - 4:30pm | William James (hypnotist)

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4:30pm - 5pm | Mazur Polish Dancers

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5pm - 6pm | Skyhawks Parachute Team (Peters Bros. Paving)

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6 pm - 6:30pm | Cosmic Brew

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6:35pm - 7:05 pm | Black Widow Rope Spinners

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7:05pm - 7:30pm | Peach Festival Opening Ceremonies

Peach Festival Opening Ceremonies - Join us as we introduce the Peachfest volunteer Board of Directors and welcome visitors from local officials.

7:45pm - 9pm | Cod Gone Wild

Cod Gone Wild are a energetic, modern Celtic Folk/Rock band from Vernon. Their unique style, rich harmonies and upbeat stage presence will keep any party going all night long.

9pm - 9:30pm | Reel Peachfest Film Fest and 50/50

Reel Peachfest is a short video contest that creatively entertain and tell a story about the Okanagan that evokes community pride.

9:30pm - 11 pm | Kim Mitchell (presented by Peters Bros.)

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