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Calling all Filmmakers

The popular Reel Peach Festival filmmakers competition returns for its eighth year as part of Penticton Peach Festival.

“Every year we’re amazed by the talented filmmakers showcasing local stories, people and adventures,” says Peach Festival entertainment director Alysha Forrest. “Plus the films often centre around a ‘Peach’ so it is very fitting for festival.”

This year the category and genre are OPEN. Filmmakers can submit one to three-minute short films on any subject in any genre; however, films must be family-friendly content. Bonus points will be given to films featuring stories and adventures from the Okanagan, or a concept deriving and/or containing a peach.

Prize Money:

2nd$   500.00
3rd$   250.00

In past years, there was no entertainment just prior to the main musical act taking the stage at Penticton Peach Festival. With the big screen available onsite, the Reel Peach Festival provides an opportunity to entertain and engage thousands of people in Okanagan Lake Park.

“For a filmmaker to showcase their work in front of more than 5,000 people is an exciting prospect,” says Reel Peach Festival organizer Andrew Jakubeit.

“Seeing a large audience reacting to your creation is an awesome and inspiring feeling. It is a chance to celebrate our region and see people, places and things that make us smile, laugh or instill a sense of pride,” added Jakubeit. “You don’t have to be in the film industry to create a short film about something you are passionate about and modern technology now makes it easier than ever before to create your epic masterpiece.”

The Reel Peach Festival is open to professionals and aspiring filmmakers.

“There is a very vibrant and active arts community in our region. We encourage everyone to share their ideas, join their friends and create a film together,” says Jakubeit.

Entry deadline is Sunday, Aug. 4 at midnight. For more information, rules, and application please visit www.reelpeachfest.com.

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