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Meet the Miss Penticton Royalty: Princess Anne Hughes

The Penticton Peach Festival is shining a spotlight on the Miss Penticton Royalty as we lead into what would have been the 73rd annual Penticton Peach Festival week (Aug. 5-9, 2020).

Due to provincial regulations, and to ensure the safety of our volunteers, performers, vendors, festival attendees and our community, the Peach Festival board announced in April the cancellation the 2020 festival.

Unfortunately, with so many events cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Miss Penticton Royalty (Princess Anne Hughes, Miss Penticton Queen Amrit Dhaliwal and Princess Faith Johnson) have not been able to travel and enjoy the full experience of being an ambassador for Penticton.

The society behind the annual pageant announced in May that Queen Amrit Dhaliwal and Princess Anne Hughes are willing to carry their reign into the next year, Princess Faith Johnson is unable to carry on.

The Peach Festival board is showing their support for the Miss Penticton Royalty through this series of question and answers – starting with Princess Anne Hughes (at left in the photo).

What inspired you to join the Miss Penticton program?

AH: I wanted to join the Miss Penticton program because I was always nervous of public speaking, and I really wanted to improve my public speaking skills.

What were some of your favourite moments from the program?

AH: A favourite moment of mine in the program was when all of us candidates would go down to the farmers market every Saturday. It was a lot of fun spending time with everyone. I also really liked pageant night. I was quite nervous leading up to it but that night was a lot of fun.

What advice would you give future Miss Penticton candidates?

AH: Some advice that I would give to future candidates would be to just be yourself, and really get to know and bond with the other candidates. Seeing everyone once a week was really nice. As well, becoming friends with the other candidates really made the whole experience more enjoyable.

We know it has been a difficult year for the Royalty because of the pandemic, how you have been dealing with it?

AH: I’ve been using this time to work on things that I would normally not have the time for. As much as I miss being able to go out and see people, I want to make the most of the free time. I have been baking, doing some reading, and painting.

If you had to describe the other two Miss Penticton royalty in five words, what would they be?

AH: Faith is compassionate, diligent, conscience, supportive, organized

Amrit is affable, hardworking, outgoing, genuine, compassionate

Have you been staying in contact with one another during these past few months? And have you been in touch with the royalty from other cities?

AH: Yes, I’ve been keeping in contact with both Amrit and Faith using Snapchat, Instagram, and FaceTime. With the royalty from other cities, there is a big group chat (well, there are a few) in which we keep in contact with everyone.

What are your plans for next year (school, work etc.)?

AH: Next year I plan to take my first year at UBCO in the science program.

What are your long-term goals?

AH: My long term goal is to get into medical school and become a doctor.

What are some of your favourite Peach Festival moments over the years?

AH: My favourite Peach Festival moments would be watching the parade with my siblings and trying the food from the different food trucks with my friends. I also enjoyed sitting in the grass with my friends watching the concerts.What is your favourite midway (amusement park) ride and why?AH: My favourite amusement park ride would definitely be any fast rides like roller coasters, or rides that go upside down. I really like them because of how exciting they are.

The Peach Festival board thanks Anne and the Royalty for taking the time to do the Q&A session with us and we wish you all the best.

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