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New look for Penticton Peachfest

Penticton Peachfest launched a new look that includes website and a re-designed logo.

“Since 1947 Peachfest has delivered an event packed with family fun, creating Penticton’s signature event. While the way people get information about the festival continues to change, our website had not and it was showing its age. The board of directors decided to move forward creating an exciting new look and a website that is more functional,” said Peachfest president Don Kendall.

The new website has an easier to navigate menu, including entertainment section, special events section, and more. Over the years, Peachfest organizers have heard many requests for a downloadable version of their hard copy guide, this new website will allow for that once it is created. A new addition to the website is a section highlighting the long history of Peachfest. This was put together in part with the assistance of the Penticton Archives and scouring Peachfest’s own archives. 

“We wanted a new look that appeals to the wide demographic that we see enjoy the festival. I think the re-brand brings a refreshing change that will stand the test of time. The bigger piece was creating a website that makes it easier for guests to find information on our website. With the cleaner layout, we believe it will be a smoother process for people navigating through our events and entertainment,” said Kristi Patton, Director of Communications.

Penticton Peachfest worked with Okanagan-based agency Lifeblood Marketing and leaned on their expertise in branding and websites to design the new look.

Peachfest is scheduled to return for the 75th anniversary of the event, Aug. 3-7, 2022.

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