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Peach Festival announces 2021 Board of Directors

Despite not being able to host the Penticton Peach Festival in 2020, the Board of Directors is pleased to note some of the positive things that came from this year.

During the annual general meeting in November, Peachfest named Chuck Thompson (left) and Shayda John to the Board of Directors.

The Director of Hosting, and the hosting committee, held a highly successful Northwest Festival Hosting Group

annual general meeting (which Peachfest is a member of) in January. The Northwest Festival Hosting Group promotes member festivals and encourages resource sharing between the festivals in the association to enhance the quality and attendance level of the events for the benefit of their communities.

Peachfest president Don Kendall said the entertainment headliners, that were scheduled for 2020, have all confirmed they will roll over to 2021. Peachfest is scheduled for Aug. 4-8, 2021.

The board was able to provide the Peachfest Royalty with recognition by receiving permission to allow the float to roll down Main Street in August to Gyro Park where they were presented with bursaries.

Peachfest was also named ‘Best Festival or Event in Penticton’ by two news organizations.

“I would like to thank all the board members and sponsors for their continued support of Peachfest. This is Penticton’s signature event that brings the community together for five days of free, family funwhile providing a great economic impact for our community,” said Kendall.

The Annual General Meeting was held in November, with all but two people returning to their roles. The board thanks Bev Tiel and Mitch MacMillan for the support they provided during their term(s) on the board.

The following people were elected to the Board of Directors:

Executive and Board of Directors:

  • Don Kendall, President and Director of Sponsorships
  • Colin Campbell, Vice-President/50-50 Draw
  • Shawna Guitard, Vice-President/Mega Motocross/Vendors
  • Angie Vriends, Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Directors: * indicates new board members

  • * Shayda John, Marketing/Director-At-Large (pictured above, right)
  • * Chuck Thompson, KidZone, Kids Day (pictured above, left)
  • Bill Kolter, Entertainment/Emcees
  • Bruce Millington, City Liaison/Food Delivery/Backstage
  • Teresa Kendall, Parade/Volunteers
  • Josh Shulman, Peach-Duro
  • Jeanette Bevan, Sandcastle Competition/Ultra Swim
  • Laura Kane, Float/Parades/Royalty Liaison
  • Dayle Millington, Seniors Day/Food Delivery/Backstage
  • Paul Borba, Slo-Pitch Tournament
  • Ken Brunen, Volunteers
  • Daphne Adey, Hosting
  • Bill Morey, Square Dance
  • Kristi Patton, Communications
  • Jane Somerville, Backstage
  • Amber Belcourt, Chill’n 4 Summer/Peach Bin Races
  • Doug MacMillan, Director-At-Large
  • Peter Thiessen, Director-At-Large

Administrative Assistant:

  • Marta Bergemann
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